The Story of A Little Giant Princess

Once upon a time there is a little giant    Princess who doesnt has a friend. She is sad. Nobody want to be her friends. Because even she is a princess, she is a giant. The giants dont to be her friends either. Because even she is a giant, her size is small. 

One day she meets a magic fairy on the meadow. That fairy fall from the dandelion because of an earthquake. But there's no earthquake at that time. It's just a giant stomping of the princess. The princess is jumping all over the meadow. Makesthe ground shaking. The fairy helps the princess. She waves her magic wand. The princess is flying. The fairy fly with the princess through the clouds. She makes clouds soft and fluffy. Then they are jumping on the clouds. Again and again. Laughing each other until they are tired. The princess and the fairy are best friends. 

Catatan : Cerita ini rekaan Ara. Saya menambahkan dibeberapa bagian. Kalo bahasa inggrisnya tidak sesuai grammar, harap dimaklumi. Baiknya sih dikoreksi agar saya dan Ara bisa belajar. 

Terima Kasih sudah membaca. Dont forget to leave a comment, says Ara. 

Bogor, 26 Juni 2015

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