We Spent Time Together

For many days, I never hanging out with my daughter Ara, never walking around Court Street and doing sight seen. Winter season was very cold. I couldn't stand outside without wearing winter coat and feeling frozen. It was also hard for Ara to go outside when she felt uncomfortable with her big winter coat. That’s why I stayed at home and played with her in my comfy apartment to watch snowflake fallen from the sky. We felt warm.

Flour power cupcakes
Yesterday was a breezy sunny day. The wind was cold, but the sunlight kept me feel warm. I went to OU-mini farmer's market in OU Howard Park, near the green statue. There were a lot of local vendors. They sold many things such as bakery, cake, pretzel, jellies, and many more. At the first time I just planned to sight seen, until I met the lady who sold flour power cupcakes.  I bought her brownies. When I saw cupcake, I suddenly remembered that I ever read information about these cupcakes in B Magazine. It was made me curious to know how delicious these cupcakes. Because of that, I bought one beautiful cupcake.

The sun was bright. I felt warm enough to sight seen on Court Street. Since several days ago, I wanted to go to Family Dollar, one of department stores in Athens. Then I walked to Family Dollar through Court Street, my favorite spot in Athens. I looked around. There were food trucks that sold many delicious foods including Buritto, Ali Baba, and the new one, that I forget its name. Court Street was very crowd. In the afternoon, restaurants and food cafes were full of people. I tried to recognize some restaurants that I ever read in Athens News. I felt very happy when I remember those restaurants.

Family Dollar is located in E Carpenter Street. It's quit far from Court Street. I was looking for puzzles and some stuff. At that place, I got a nice headband while Ara yelled out loud. She refused to sit on her stroller, then I tried to play with her and to put the headband on her head, but she always threw it away. Furthermore, I grabbed a flip phone toy. It was works. She sat and played with the toy.

I had a chance to choose puzzles, armband, and some stuff when she bored and started to stand on her stroller. I untied her. She laughed very happy and walked around near by my side. I thought she wanted to stand near my position. She forgot her flip phone toy when she saw a bunching ball. She cried aloud as a sign that she wanted to touch the ball. I was so happy when I gave it to her. You know why? That’s because the ball is cheaper than the flip phone.

I succeed to put the headband on her head while she was playing a bunching ball. She brought the ball and went to cashier. I was so happy when I got all stuffs that i need. I thought I didn't have to buy a flip phone. Hehehe.. (*)

Saya belajar menulis dengan bahasa Inggris. Sebelum diedit sama editor, aslinya cukup ancur. Anyway, semoga suka :p


  1. ahaaa.. pantesan kok tiba2 pakai bahasa inggris nulisnya.. ^_^ keren..

    Itu cupcakes2nya menggoda banget deeeeh.. mauuu

    1. cupcakenya enak banget. Manisnya pas...yummmm :D

  2. Wahh.. Keren Englishnya.. Rasanya grammar nya okeh banget.. padahal gak gitu lancar ngomong english sih..hihihi..

    Salam kenal yahh ^^,

    1. hahahaa..ini setelah masuk ruang editor dan tayang disini :D

  3. tulisannya bisa buat saya belajar bahasa inggris juga.. :)

    Ara pinter yaaa... lebih milih bunching ball daripada flip phone..

    1. Nulis ini bikin saya bljr bahasa inggris :D